You came here looking for our colourful and crazy dice and yes, they are still here! But before you scroll down, we have an exciting update for you:

The beloved world of Oakie Doakie Dice is evolving into Oakie Doakie: Dice, Toys & Games!

After introducing our spellbinding dice in 2019, the time has come to expand this shimmering universe further, by bringing you in-house-designed games and action figures. The Oakie Doakie team has spent countless hours planning, designing and play testing, to ensure you love our newest line of products as much as we do.

As we are still working on the new products, that’s all for now; we will keep you updated. So please, keep scrolling and rolling those dazzling dice!

Choose your dice

Discover all the many different dice in D6 16mm, D6 12mm and RPG sets. With their special effects and mind-blowing designs, every set of Oakie Doakie Dice has its own character.

Our passion is to create a huge variety of very special gaming dice sets for each player and each game. We have the right dice set for every board, strategy or card game – from Solid to Metal to crazy Glow in the Dark: we cover all your needs.

We are fun, we are crazy, and we looooove dice!