The beans are almost cooked!

As we’ve already announced, the beloved world of Oakie Doakie Dice evolved into Oakie Doakie: Dice, Toys & Games earlier this year. You might have seen some pictures of our new products around the web… perhaps we leaked them before having our website ready #sorrynotsorry. But the important thing is that the Oakie Doakie team has spent countless hours (many of them at home #pandemic) planning, designing and play-testing, to be completely sure that you will love our newest line of products as much as we do. We are cooking up a whole menu of new products, but while we get dinner ready and set the table, please take a seat and enjoy a snack!

Oakie Doakie is happy to present the officially licensed Bud Spencer & Terence Hill playing cards! The stylish deck consists of 55 cards (standard 52-card deck plus Jokers) and is made of high-quality linen material. Designed with great attention to detail by our in-house artist Avid Saeed, no fan household should miss out on this extra dose of coolness at their gaming table!

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Choose your dice

Discover all the many different dice in D6 16mm, D6 12mm and RPG sets. With their special effects and mind-blowing designs, every set of Oakie Doakie Dice has its own character.

Our passion is to create a huge variety of very special gaming dice sets for each player and each game. We have the right dice set for every board, strategy or card game – from Solid to Metal to crazy Glow in the Dark: we cover all your needs.

We are fun, we are crazy, and we looooove dice!