Poker Bud Spencer & Terence Hill




No fan household should be missing out on this extra dose of coolness at their gaming table!

デジタルレンダリングが表示されます。 商品映像は、それぞれの商品のテクスチャーおよび、外観のイメージです。実物とデジタルイメージが異なっていても欠陥品では御座いません。実際の製品は一部を手作業で製造しているため、色や形状が多少異なる場合がございます。予めご了承ください。


Bud Spencer & Terence Hill marathon on TV - check! Coffee and beans cooked - check! Poker table set up - check!

Nothing stands in the way of the perfect Bud Spencer & Terence Hill Western themed evening! And thanks to Oakie Doakie Games, fans can now put the icing on the cake and challenge their opponents at the Poker table in style with the officially licensed Bud Spencer & Terence Hill playing cards.

Playing Cards Western

The stylish deck consists of 55 cards (standard 52 hand plus jokers) and is made of high-quality linen material. Designed with great attention to detail by Avid Saeed.